Fund Administration

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Led by industry experts and backed by cutting edge technology, Trinity understands the business of managing a fund and how we can support the process and create efficiencies and solutions.

The management team, all professional accountants, have deep understanding, knowledge and experience in all aspects of the funds life cycle. The directors have worked in funds administration roles, have provided fund directorship services, have been involved in auditing funds and been on the buy side in fund management companies. This diversity and exposure gives Trinity a unique perspective of what is needed to manage and run a fund and the expectations of fund managers.

Portfolio Accounting and Valuation

The tracking of investment transactions, position reconciliation, independent valuations are critical to ensuring the accuracy of the books and accounts of the fund.

  • NAV calculation
  • Maintaining accounts and books
  • Calculate management and performance fees
  • Independent portfolio pricing utilizing Bloomberg and other sources
  • Preparation of financial statements to audit
  • Liaison with Auditor
  • Introduction to network of Auditors
  • Processing subscriptions, redemptions and transfers
  • Gathering all required due diligence on investors
  • Carrying out independent KYC checks on investors using WorldCheck and RiskScreen
  • Shareholder communication including periodic shareholder statements
  • Obtaining GIIN from IRS
  • Registering Fund on the relevant reporting portals
  • Gathering information on each investor
  • Yearly dissemination of information and reporting
  • Liaison with the relevant Tax Authority
  • Introduction to network of tax advisors
  • Coordination of tax filing and reporting

Provision of individual or corporate Directors to the Fund, SPVs and/or Investment Manager